I was born into the expansive vistas of Saskatchewan in 1981.  At a very early age I learned that I loved art and knew that I was destined to work in the arts. I spent my entire youth painting, drawing and playing music and it wasn’t until I rediscovered photography that I understood how best I could realize my aesthetic vision.
In 2001 I relocated to Vancouver BC where I continued drawing and painting, playing music and skateboarding.
As I hungered to see more and be inspired anew, I headed to Paris,  France to learn a new language and focus on artistic pursuits. A friend took me to the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation one summer afternoon in 2007 where began my profound love and passion for the camera.  While in Europe I began shooting abandoned spaces in France and Belgium and carried my camera everywhere I travelled. Paris became my personal photography school, where I shot anything and everything.
After returning to Vancouver in 2009 where inspired by legends Cecile Beaton, Helmut Newton Nick Knight and Solve Sundsbo, I began experimenting with studio photography which lead me to my current work in fashion and beauty photography.
Affiliations: Member of the Fujifilm X-Photographers International Team . Lensbaby Camera Lenses
Select Clients: Fujifilm Japan, Absolut Vodka, Sheseido Japan, Goldwell Beauty Products, Lifetime Clothing
Awards and accolades:
2013 Goldwell Color Zoom: 12 of 15 Finalists in North American Category and 1 Gold winner for Canada and 1 Gold winner for USA
2013 Wella Trend Vision Awards: Silver Award for Hairstylist Alina Friesen
2013 Contessa Hair Awards: Winner- Canadian Hairstylist of the Year, 7 Finalist collections
2012 Contessa Hair Awards: Winning collections –  Newcomer of the Year, Student Apprentice of the Year. 7 finalist collections
2012 North American Hairdressing Awards: Finalist – Salon Team of the Year