EP 05 2016 in Review TPLP

I've been busy working on new guests for the show and making photographs. Here's my last episode for 2016, hope it inspires you to take that leap of faith. Going to have a bunch of great episodes and guests in 2017 ! Subscribe on iTunes to get them hot off the press. 

EP 04 Ben Tour TPLP

Check out this conversation I had with Ben Tour. Ben's work utilizes photography as a part of his process to create his highly stylized paintings. Hear about Ben's whole journey from childhood to working as a full time artist and Dad on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Check out Ben's work at www.thetourshow.com

EP 02 Procrastination is the death of great work

Here's some quick thoughts on procrastination. I'm someone who's great at avoiding what needs to be done. With some effort and self discipline you can reduce stress and get more work done 

EP 01 Take Kayo

Good friend and fellow photographer, Take Kayo and I had a 2 hour long chat over Skype from his home in Vancouver Canada. We ended up talking about everything from working with film to social media. Hope you enjoy the first episode of The Photographers Life Podcast.